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How do I use the icare HBCF portal?


Firstly, identify the self-service portal manager (SSPM) who will have access to privileged information about your business. Your SSPM will typically be a director of the business. Clerical users, managed by the SSPM, will be able to carry out policy functions without accessing sensitive eligibility information.

Then send us an email with the following SSPM details to allow us to arrange registration:

  • License Number
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number

Once you have registered and gained access to the portal, your SSPM will be able to:

  • create, submit, and track your policy applications
  • mark a job completion to free up limits immediately
  • get a quote on the current risk based pricing rates
  • manage your specific users’ accounts on the portal


  1. The SSPM details you specify are used to create a user identity and allow the user to accept terms and conditions and set up their password.
  2. Registration to the portal begins when your SSPM receives an email from icare HBCF and they click on the activation link in that email.
  3. When they click the link in their invitation, they are taken to a portal registration wizard that requires them to:

    • Refer to a mobile phone for an SMS verification code
    • Enter the SMS code into the registration wizard which opens the set password page
  4. When the portal accepts the password policy strength they will be logged in.
  5. The SSPM can then invite and manage other users from your company without involvement from icare HBCF or MBIB.
  6. This procedure is fully set out in the Online Help/User Management available once you are active in the portal.